The EeStairs' philosophy is expressed through our EeStairs® staircases. Our drive and passion are as much part of our philosophy as our urge for innovation and our ambition to come up with the most extraordinary creations. The greatest result we can achieve is to deliver a design that is perfectly in line with your requirements as our customer.

"Can't? There is no such thing, Nothing is impossible!"
Cornelis van Vlastuin and Dick Cluistra

The founders of EeStairs place no boundaries around creativity and production.


Design is about more than just a style or form, it's about looking further. Looking beyond borders and having the courage to be innovative. It's about turning ideas into truly eye-catching creations that cannot fail to intrigue, fascinate and impress. That's what design is all about.


Many of our employees are qualified designers, with such a deep reserve of creative talent we cannot help but live and breathe good design. This is one of the factors that distinguishes our place in the market. EeStairs expertly translates ideas and sketches into lifelike designs, using a unique virtual design service. In turn these designs are translated into exceptional products that add a special touch to any environment.


We are driven by passion, professionalism, and by the desire to deliver design solutions that are more exciting, more innovative and more attractive. The 1m2 by EeStairs® and Carbon Fibre staircase are perfect examples; they are unique products, groundbreaking products of which we are very proud.


EeStairs always stays true to the spirit of a design, while also taking the applicable regulations, circumstances and the budget into account. Furthermore we work according to your wishes and tastes, without setting aside our creativity. Creativity is what we stand for, as is demonstrated by all our bespoke products.


You can count on EeStairs. Not only to deliver a unique design solution but also to work safely, with sympathy for the environment. We know our trade and ensure that our products comply with regulations relevant to each project. We make sure you won't encounter any nasty surprises when our work is done.


Creativity and innovation are distinguishing characteristics of EeStairs, an appetite for both runs deep through our professional organisation. You can rest assured that through all stages of the process, your bespoke project will be handled by specialists who are thoroughly knowledgeable and at the top of their game.


At EeStairs we are committed to being the best. We want to earn your appreciation. We are determined to create the most extraordinary designs, time and again. We want to make the impossible possible; a worthy goal, wouldn't you say?


'Good' is not enough for EeStairs. We want to be the best. In our desire to excel we consistently deliver the best services and the best products. Our designers and craftsmen make this possible, as do our systems and the means at our disposal. Our enduring desire for appreciation has brought our company considerable successful since our doors first opened in 2000. We are now an international company with branches in the Netherlands, UK, North America, France, Belgium, South Afrika, China and The Middle East.